Oh No! No More Popular Photography Magazine!

The last issue, March/April 2017.

The last issue of Popular Photography, March/April 2017.

This is a sad day. After 80 years of publication Popular Photography magazine is closing. The March/April issue that arrived in my mailbox will be the last. No new content will be added to the PopPhoto.com web site after March 10.

The decision to close was announced yesterday, March 7, in a company wide email.

The first issue of Popular Photography, May 1937.

The first issue of Popular Photography, May 1937.

Popular Photography (PopPhoto for short) was one of my favorite photography magazines and far and away my favorite all-purpose photo magazine. I have been subscribing for decades. If had helpful articles about just about everything photographic and excellent equipment reviews. I will miss seeing it arrive in my mailbox.

There are other photo magazines I subscribe to that specialize in nature, wildlife, portrait, and fashion photography, but PopPhoto was my most trusted all around source and the only magazine with totally honest equipment reviews I could trust. Other magazines have reviews bu they pull their punches. Other magazines have phrases like “this is a good consumer lens” which sounds nice but it really means “not sharp enough for professional use”.

So I don’t know what magazine I will turn to to replace PopPhoto –  if any. As I said up front, this is a sad day. Or as Dan Bracaglia so aptly put it at DPReview, “the photography world just got dimmer by a stop.”

The PopPhoto web site

The PopPhoto web site



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